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1 in 59 Children are affected by Autism; 1 in 5 school children struggle with an invisible learning disability


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1 in 59 Children are affected by Autism; 1 in 5 school children struggle with an invisible learning disability

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Our Story: In 2012 Steve and Madalyn Cano embarked on a mission to help families like their own. Raising a child with a developmental disability is one of the greatest challenges a family will experience both emotionally, spiritually and financially. Through Lake Pointe Resource Center, the Cano's were determined to provide a way for other families to connect and feel supported.

Lake Pointe Academy, provides access to highly specialized therapeutic K-12 education services, not otherwise available within the Hood County area. Bridging evidence-based research in the neuroscience of learning with Social Cognitive and emotional development, some people may not understand the significance of this mission. Please consider:

  • 1 in 68 children is identified with learning challenges rooted in Autism Spectrum disorder. This represents a 30% increase in just two years (CDC,2014, 2016).
  • 1 in 6 school age children is challenged with an invisible learning disability
  • Many children are not provided the full scope of services in traditional settings research shows they will need to reach their full potential.
  • Lake Pointe Granbury fills a gap between our traditional behavioral health & education system through a specific and uniquely designed therapeutic education program and community resource support that includes free parent training.

Because of the generous contributions from our friends and community over the past 5 years we have reached:

  • over 700 families served through phone consultations, informational counseling, advocacy and referrals for free!
  • 42 free Parent support and education group meetings
  • 13 low cost professional development trainings and continued education credit
  • 20 Community outreach events reaching over 1,000 individuals
  • over 70 students with learning differences have received educational therapy services
  • 3 families have relocated to Granbury, Texas to enroll their child at Lake Pointe Academy
  • over 10,000 volunteer hours have been generated
  • employee growth from 3 to 14
  • 90 inquiries in need of financial assistance for specialized therapy services over past 12 months.

Lake Pointe Granbury is comprised of two 501(c)(3) organizations, offering highly specialized programs at rates that keep our program services reasonably accessible to typical and disadvantaged families with limited incomes.Your contribution ensures Lake Pointe will be available to those who need us, and provides direct support to special needs children in developing essential skills towards a future of greater independence.

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Your Contribution makes a difference for families of children like Tyler!

Tyler's Story:

Tyler was diagnosed with classic Autism at age 3. Autism affects Tyler's language abilities, social communication, academic skills, and emotional regulation. Tyler's family, like most typical families, lives on a limited income with no significant health insurance benefits. Tyler was not thriving at his traditional school, and his mom was eager for Tyler to have an opportunity to attend Lake Pointe's 2016 summer program. Within 4 weeks of attending, Tyler's mom noticed a huge difference in his developmental growth and advocated for him to attend a full school year. Tyler is one of several student's who attend Lake Pointe Academy on "scholarship". Here's what Tyler's mom has to say:

  • "In the 6 wonderful months my child has attended Lake Pointe Academy he has experienced things he has never had the chance to in public school. He's completed his first science project, being that he's been enrolled in school since the young age of 3 this is huge for him. Lake Pointe teaches him life skills that a public school does not have the time to do. He has planted vegetables in the garden, voted for president , set up a retail booth and sold his home-made goods. He has also completed his first 1K trail race. Being my son is extremely non athletic this was a huge milestone! The encouragement he receives is so amazing. His confidence and verbal skills have sky rocketed beyond our expectations. More importantly he is surrounded by other children and teachers who truly love him and strive for his success. When not at school he misses his teachers. Previously in public school he never wanted to go. It was like pulling teeth to get compliance or even endurance for the school year. I firmly believe the wonderful staff and students at Lake Pointe have changed my son and given him skills he would otherwise never obtained in his public school. For this reason I feel Lake Pointe Academy is giving my son the chance to meet his potential and grow towards greater independence in the future." Sincerely, Tylers Mom (N. Ross)

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